Thursday, August 17, 2017

vRealize Business update checking hangs

Trying to update vRealize Business 7.2 I noticed that it hangs during update check with the message "Checking for available updates...".

No matter what I did - changed the update options, reboot the appliance - didn't help. Looking on I found the post 477322 which presented the same behavior, only for vCenter Server Appliance and it was from 2014. So I tried (a bit skeptically) to start the update from CLI as suggested in the post:

  • ssh to vRB appliance 
  • /opt/vmware/bin/vamicli update --check
  • /opt/vmware/bin/vamicli --install latest --accepteula
And it worked:

I suppose this workaround can be applied to most of the appliances. 

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