Thursday, December 8, 2022

VMUG Leader Summit 2022 - How The Times Have Changed

It's been 32 months since the last summit took place and how the times have changed. Not sure if anyone would've dared in February 2020 to imagine the shifts to come a few weeks later and that will keep on coming throughout the next 2 and a half years. And it's not only socially and politically, but also technologically. The status quo of the human society was pretty much ignored and we had to learn, adapt and change. 

This week in Lisbon I had the opportunity to meet again the great community of people from all the corners of the world called VMUG. And the people in it is what makes this whole idea great. In 2020 it was the social part that impressed me too. Technologies come and change, trends may shift (again this word) on the way. The people involved in the process are the most important. 

Talking about people we had (as always) a number of select guests from VMware to talk to us. From Joe Baguley's (CTO EMEA) talk about skills gap and how AI and robots are slowly making it to the masses and into your house, to Duncan Epping's journey throughout VMware and the idea that everyone wants to be something, but very few want to make the effort to become that something, it all evolved around the changes that we are living and need to face. And it is scary, especially since the buzz word without any relation to the event, was AI, and more exactly ChatGPT, an OpenAI project that was trained to interact with humans in a conversation like natural language. The ease of usage and accessibility of this AI model is amazing and it will change a lot. But it is still only a tool in our hands. And the way we use it will make a difference. Only two years ago a talk around this subject would've brought a lot of smiles. 

I am a techie, not really great with words so let me wrap it up. As humans we need certainty, connection, contribution. VMUG is a community that brings all of this and more. And it does it through its members, the people that change, learn and grow along with the community. 

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