Sunday, July 21, 2019

A Few Thoughts on VMUG Romania Meeting

I am one of the VMware User Group (VMUG) leaders in Romania (co-leader). Basically I do event organization: getting speakers, sponsors, location, catering, promotion on social media. Sometimes I present at the meetings, but luckily enough for the past year our small and energetic community had other presenters from community willing to spend their time and share their knowledge. Luckily for me, since I got more time to organize the event.

Last VMUG (July 18th) was a special one for me (hopefully for the community also). We got to organize our biggest event to day and have maybe the best speaker lineup so far - both from sponsors and from community. We had the chance to meet Joe Baguley, VP and CTO, EMEA at VMware, and have him as key note speaker. A nice surprise was to meet and listen to Aylin Sali, CTO at Runecast, and one of the co-founders (Romanian one). As for the other guys, since we met before there were no surprises (at least not during business hours :-) ) just the same inspiring technical leaders that I knew. It was a fun and thrilling event with lots of ideas, networking and knowledge sharing. For this I thank you all: speakers, sponsors, co-leaders. A special thank you goes to the 4 community members that flew in from Timisoara and Cluj (Cluj guys for the second time already) to be with us on that day.

What's next? The bar has been risen a bit (blame the organizers), but this is a great opportunity to do better. Autumn will come with a pre-VMworld event and more great speakers.We also have been planning for a while to do an event outside Bucharest. Lastly, my dream is to organize the Balkanic UserCon. As you can see there is a lot of work to do ahead and a lot of place to grow.

Until next VMUG, I will leave you with the pictures (thanks Titi).


Victor Homocea said...

The locations are getting better and better, the last one being really great!
Thanks for your amazing involvement Răzvan!

Lucian said...

Hey Răzvan,

I studied noob-level computing with you almost twenty years ago. Nice blog you're keeping here and great to see you're doing well!

If you're interested, let's chat sometime. I'm supposing you're getting my email via the comment, otherwise let me know if I can contact you any other way than the blog.

razz said...

Hey Lucian,
I cannot see your e-mail address in here, but you can find me on LinkedIn. Nice to hear you still want to chat after such experiences :-)

Lucian said...

Hm, then I'm going to leave it in obfuscated-cleartext, it's published on the web anyway: lucian mogosanu gmail com. :)

I don't have a LinkedIn these days unfortunately, nor do I hang around on social media/web apps much -- with the exception of the WhatsApp thingie, because everyone I know seems to be using it. I'm on IRC (Freenode), but that one's very unpopular nowadays, so...

> Nice to hear you still want to chat after such experiences

I distinctly remember the moment (I think it was in my 8th grade?) when you mentioned Knuth's books, and for some reason it stuck with me throughout the years. I stumbled upon your blog by accident -- I use VMWare now and then at home and work -- and it's a real pleasure to read, so I got curious. :)